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Welcome To Bottoms Up Colonics

Bottoms Up Colonics is a programme designed to create greater public awareness of the human digestive system. Bottoms Up has skilfully developed a user friendly model of what's commonly called colonic irrigation. We're taking the approach of educating people about their digestive system and the health benefits of colonic therapy. Bottoms Up is making colonics available to the general public instead of the perceived elite.

The company philosophy is one of dedication, professionalism, service and pro-activity. The mission of Bottoms Up is to make colonic hydrotherapy transparent and understandable in its approach. We have a commitment to furthering education and knowledge of this complex area of the digestive system that affects so many parts of our body and our health.

Bottoms Up Colonics has been operating for 6 years, using a closed system with all disposal equipment. Sue has been trained in the only recognised training organisation in Australia for colonic hydrotherapy and is a member of the International Colon Association and the Australian Colon Health Association.

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Listen to ABC Radio host Kim Kleidon talk us through her colonic at our Mackay Clinic.

Introducing Sue Wilson Colonic Hydrotherapist

Sue Wilson has come from a 20 year Social Work background working with children and families from abuse backgrounds with learning and behaviour disorders, she has now complemented this work with alternative therapies and nutrition working with the complete system of Mind Body and Spirit to heal and balance people's health.

The experience she gained in working in this counselling field benefits the colonic ……read more

Bottoms Up Colonics

Super GP Clinic, Suit 5, 1-3 Old Eimeo Rd, Mackay

For appointments please phone (07) 484 02182

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Newsworthy Story

The first of its kind in Australia and it is in Mackay I have just returned from West Hollywood LA where I have spent 9 days training with Luis Rojas who has been called the Colon Whisperer due to his success in Colonics with his clients and bringing colon therapy into the 21st century.

If you do a google search on this man you won’t find anything on him other than one article, He does not even have a website, however if you look in his appointment book you will see it is booked for the next three months, a lot of these names are the top names in Hollywood. The reason he doesn’t advertise?? He doesn’t want to have to turn people away, he can’t keep up with the demand just from word of mouth.

His technique has bought colonic hydrotherapy into the 21st century with his approach known as the “Rojas Method”, it is a particular way to conduct the treatment soaking the whole bowel so we get maximum release of toxic material. And believe me we have plenty in there with the culmination of our history and daily lives of thinking, eating and breathing toxins, they have to be stored somewhere and that is in our bowel.

His set up is one of a kind in the world where you are able to watch what you release magnified on a TV screen so you really get to see the nasties, such as parasites, you really do come to understand the micro ecosystem you have going on inside your digestive tract. It really is the Rolls Royce of Detox’s. In fact once you have experienced this treatment you wouldn’t even bother wasting your money on products, enemas or even open systems. You just won’t see and feel the results as you do with this method.

I was so blessed to have the opportunity to learn with Luis and know I am so excited to share this knowledge and practice with all of you here in Mackay. I am the only trained therapist of the Rojas Method in Australia and Luis has asked me to be a trainer of his approach in Australia and New Zealand.

If you would like to know more about this or come and experience this treatment please call Bottom’s Up on 48402182 we are situated at the Super Gp Clinic in the Northern Suburbs.

If you would like to become a colon hydrotherapist in this amazing technique the first training commences on the 6th of May to the 17th of May. For more details please email me on 0438566711.